Introduction to Dance

Introduction to Dance- A 45 Minute class for your 2-year-old child that introduces Ballet basics and creative movement. Ballet slippers only.

ballet/ Tap Combination

A 60-minute class for your 3-5 year olds. Your child will work on Ballet and Tap basics. Ballet or Tap will be chosen by your teacher to be performed in the end of the year dance recital.


Welcome to the next step. This is a 60 minute class for your 5 year old that introduces Jazz for the 5 year old and Tap techniques. Jazz or Tap will be chosen by the teacher to be performed in end of the year dance recital.

Intro to Jazz

A 1 hour Beginner Jazz Class for kindergartners who want to step it up! Jazz and Hip Hop basics will be taught.

Intro to ballet

A 1 hour Beginner Ballet Class for kindergartners. Ballet shoes only.

ballet levels 1 thru 3

A 60 minute class of classical ballet training. All exercises are aimed at improving balance, control and coordination and advanced overall technique. Every class includes a comprehensive barre and ample center practice in adagio, turns, jumps and diagonals.

ballet: Junior Company, Company Prep, Company

These 90 minute classes are for the advanced dancers only. Invitation required.

Intro to Pointe

Welcome to your new shoes! Invitation only.


Invitation only


A 60 or 90-minute class for 6 years old and up.


A 60 or 90-minute class for 6 years old and up.

Jazz: Junior Company, Company Prep, and Company

A 90-minute class of Jazz technique and strengthening. Invitation only.


A 1 hr. class for 6 years old and up

Jr. Company & Company Tap

A 90 minute for the advanced tapper. InvITATIon onLY

Teen Classes

Beginner level in tap, jazz, ballet and contemporary / lyrical. A 1 hr. class for teens who are beginners, that do not want to dance with younger children.


An introductory class for hip hop. Combines jazz and hip hop techniques. For 6 year olds.


Let’s get funky!!!! A 60 or 90-minute class for the child that loves to move. 7 years old and up or 2nd grade.

boys hip hop

Just for boys! A 60 minute class.

Jr. Company and Company hip hop

A 90-minute class for the advanced student. INVITATION ONLY

lyrical/ Modern Dance

A 60-90-minute class that combines Ballet and Jazz technique. For ages 8 and up

Irish Step Dancing

A 60-minute class for 6 years old and up. You will learn the basic elements of this popular Irish folk dance.

The Elite Competition Team

Come join our award winning team. Everyone is welcome! The Elite Competition Team is another opportunity for your child to perform, learn sportsmanship, and gain self-confidence. Please speak to Miss Colleen about requirements.

Private lessons

Please speak to Miss Colleen